Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Spring Fever

I've got a bad case of it!  Every year about this time I catch the bug.  I need to be out digging in the dirt, not shoveling snow.  I really shouldn't complain, it has been a mild winter.  Soon our neighbor will begin the calving season.  I can look out my back window and watch the mama cows caring for their young.  Cow's make the best mothers.  Watching the baby calves running and frolicking with their tails held high in the air always makes me smile.

 It won't be long before I can move the geraniums from the sunny south window out
into the yard........well, I guess it will be a while yet.

In the meantime, I will sit by the fire and spin, work on some oil painting commissions that I should have finished long ago,  enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and pour over the beautiful seed catalogs that have been filling my mailbox.  Yes, the best medicine for the dreaded spring fever is an empty seed order form (just waiting to be filled) and a bit of chocolate!

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