Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Home-made potting soil

Soon I will be starting my tomato seeds in little pots on the warm south facing window sill.  Here is a recipe for a good all-purpose potting soil.

                                                                     1 part perlite
1 part peat moss
1 part purchased organic potting soil
1 part composted manure

This mixture will provide good drainage.  However it will not support a plant over a long period of time.  The nutrients will soon be depleted and you will either need to re-pot with new soil, or use a good organic fertilizer.

At the farm this is the soil I make to start my seeds in:

1 part good-ole farm dirt
1 part composted goat manure
add hay leaves gathered from the bottom of the hay stack
or composted tree leaves

mix well in the old, rusty wheelbarrow and wheel it to the front door

to plant:
tear of a section of towels with seeds and
place on moist soil 
 cover  with about 1/4 inch with more soil.

look here for information about 

keep moist until sprouted
you can put the containers on top of the fridge for extra warmth
put in a south window as soon as they sprout
turn daily to prevent leggy starts

when sprouts are 1-2 inches tall, 
transplant to individual containers

to save tomato seeds for the following year, simply spread in a thin layer
on paper toweling

label the towels with the variety name
keep in an air-tight jar when completely dry
store in a cool dark place

unfortunately no-one was home to share this with,
 I had to eat it all myself!

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