Cricket Song Farm

Cricket Song Farm

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A is for Arizona

A is for Arizona
a couple of my kids making the letter 

On our way to see my son who lives in Arizona we stopped for a much needed
break from traveling and

walked across the old bridge

that accesses the Navajo Nation

where we found Sarah and Daisy selling their hand made
jewelry,  I purchased this fetish necklace for myself for Christmas.
Years ago (about 37 to be exact) I worked in a Indian Curio Shop
selling tourquoise jeweleryy, Navajo hand-woven wool rugs, Kachina Dolls etc.
I always wanted a fetish necklace, but being a poor college student
it wasn't in the budget
Thanks, Sarah I'm glad I waited so I could have one
made by someone I know.
I'll see you on our next trip down.

the beginning of the Grand Canyon on the North side

this newer bridge currently used by traffic

wish I had this in my back yard

trees stumps and a wooden spool
make a great table and chairs

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